Where We Go

Sub-Saharan Africa

MedHope has strategically centered its mission efforts in sub-Saharan Africa. The tremendous physical and spiritual needs found in this region of the globe compel MedHope to serve the black African people. The long history of oppression and domination from more powerful, affluent nations has resulted in extreme poverty and tremendous human suffering in the forty-eight countries that comprise sub-Saharan Africa. The United Nations Human Development Index* (HDI) exposes the dire physical needs in the region. Sub-Saharan Africa lags behind every other region on the globe with a regional HDI of 0.475; the only region with a score less that 0.5. The spiritual darkness in sub-Saharan Africa is reflected in the 203,413,000 people unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ, millions entrenched in animism and various tribal ritualistic belief systems.

Of the forty-eight countries in the region, MedHope initiated its mission efforts in the Republic of South Sudan and now serves in northern Uganda.

*HDI is a reflection of the health, living standards, and level of education in a country or region of the world. HDI is based on the following dimensions: life expectancy, mean years of schooling, expected years of schooling, and gross national income per capita. The value for the HDI is expressed in a numerical value between 0 and 1. HDI values nearer to 0 reflect a state of deteriorating health, difficult standard of living, and extreme poverty in a given region or country.